Ben Bartlett Running for Berkeley City Council

Ben Bartlett, married to Turkish American Yelda Bartlett, is running for California State Assembly District 15. Ben currently serves as a Council member on the Berkeley City Council District III in Berkeley, California. Working with Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguín and his colleagues on the council, Ben drafted and passed numerous initiatives to address issues such as the housing crisis, homelessness, and inequality.

Prior to serving in the City Council, Ben served on numerous boards and commissions, with a commitment to making local government more responsive to the needs of residents. He built his career as an environmental lawyer uniting industry and government to address climate change, alleviate poverty with green jobs, and expand opportunity for everyone. A South Berkeley native who grew up in a culture of community service, Ben is a respected leader in the community and is also strong supporter of the Turkish American community.

To support Ben Bartlett’s campaign you can make contributions directly to his campaign by going to


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