Support TC-CAL PAC

TC-CAL PAC would like to thank the many generous supporters who helped raise a total of $15,500 for candidates and political parties/committees in 2017.


Total TC-CAL Contributions for Candidates and Political Parties/Committees since 2010:


2010 – $17,940
2011 – $19,500
2012 – $30,500
2013 – $9,700
2014 – $29,500
2015 – $43,250
2016 – $21,150
2017 – $15,500


Contributions to TC-CAL PAC are not deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from corporations, foreign nationals and minors are prohibited. (Contributions from US permanent residents/green card holders, however, are permitted.) The maximum contribution per individual is $5,000 per year and up to $10,000 per year for couples.

    Do you prefer to donate by mail?
Make your check payable to TC-CAL PAC, and mail  it to: TC-CAL PAC c/o Crummitt & Associates, 525 E. Seaside Way, Suite 101-C, Long Beach, CA 90802. Click here to complete form if you contribute $200 or more in a calendar year. This is required by federal law.

     Do you prefer to donate by credit card?
This credit card/PayPal account is a personal account and not drawn on an account maintained by an incorporated entity.